What is an EIN number and why it is important to your business...

Your EIN number also known as your "Employer Identification Number" or "Tax Identification Number" is as important to your business as your social security number is to you. This unique number separates you from your business. Once you obtain your EIN number, you will no longer provide your personal social security number to anyone in respects to your business - only your EIN number. This way, nothing is tied to your personal information.

Did you know that you need a EIN number to open up certain accounts under your business? YUP! Bank accounts, business phone lines, etc. Without your EIN, certain establishments won't know the true validity of your business.

So, if you are starting a business or have a business and you do not have an EIN number, it is highly suggested that you obtain one. As always, Taliferro Biz Solutions can guide you through this easy process!

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